Green Initiatives

At Greenbrier Medical Arts Pharmacy, green initiatives are taking root at all levels – from simple efforts to reduce energy use on a daily basis to aggressively seeking ways to properly dispose of pharmaceutical waste, maximize recycling efforts of plastics, cardboard and other materials and increasing the utilization of environmentally friendly products. As a company and as individuals, we feel a sense of urgency to make positive strides toward a greener earth and cleaner waters. Our green initiatives include:

  • A new Green RX Consumer Drug Return Program in partnership with the WV Rivers Coalition.
  • Safe destruction and disposal of all expired pharmacy stock medications through an EPA certified hazardous waste incinerator that not only caps and treats emissions, but actually converts waste to energy (a process where emissions generated from the incinerator are used to create power). Nationally, waste-to-energy technology is acknowledged as a renewable energy resource under the Federal Power Act, Title IV of the Clean Air Act. All of our pharmaceutical waste is handled in a way that ensures the health and safety of the community, our rivers and the environment as a whole.
  • Recycling of all stock bottles (#1 and #2 plastics), cardboard and other materials accepted locally.
  • Re-use of all packaging materials at PostNet.
  • Introduction of “Ecopolitan”, a new line of greeting cards that are printed on paper stock that is half sugarcane by-products and half recycled paper. No new trees were used to make these cards, so not only are they a chic way to spread some happiness, they’re good for the earth.
  • Use of paper products consisting of 100% total recycled content and other earth-friendly products.
  • Use of refillable toner cartridges. We donate non-refillable toner cartridges to local schools for recycling projects that help the schools earn extra cash.
  • A commitment to fuel efficiency. The MedBug, our delivery service vehicle, averages 27 miles per gallon.

While these are just small steps, we promise an ongoing commitment to expand our environmental initiatives and green business practices.